Bringing cultures together.

Link EUS is a new European cultural center where New Yorkers can discover and explore the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage. We promote an intercultural dialogue between Europeans and Americans through social events, discussion forums and the arts. 



Link EUS starts with the first French and Spanish courses in January!

We are excited to announce that we are adding both French and Spanish courses to our language program starting from January. We will offer both beginning and conversation classes with a focus on European Modern Art. 


New German and Accent Modification Courses start in January!

You've been wanting to learn German or improve your American accent for a while? The New Year is the perfect opportunity to finally start. At Link EUS, you can start with new German and Accent Modification Courses from January.  


Link EUS aims to strengthen the cultural bond between Europe and the US by creating a place where both Europeans and Americans can learn, discuss and celebrate together.

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Link EUS provides a warm and open space where people of every age can dive into European culture.We’re currently putting together a membership package with plenty of exciting benefits. Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media to keep posted. 



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