Why do we need a European cultural center?

We believe that there is a common identity among Europeans - something that

connects us beyond our national differences. The need for a space where people can live and explore this European culture is therefore a logic consequence. We seek to promote a wide-ranging debate about what constitutes a European identity. That way, we want to make European citizens more enthusiastic for a united Europe.


Link EUS aims to strengthen the cultural bond between Europe and the US by creating a place where both Europeans and Americans can learn, discuss and celebrate together. 

From language courses, through lectures to arts classes, Link EUS offers a wide range of educational opportunities.



We're providing a safe space for everyone to discuss political and cultural issues in an open-minded and constructive way.

At our events, European culture is vividly brought to life. Join us on a journey through European history, arts, and cuisine.



We are a young and lively team of 6 people with European backgrounds.

Having lived or living abroad has triggered a great fascination for different cultures in us. We have been inspired by all those eye-opening experiences and are dedicated to create and pass on similar moments to others.

Meet the team


Supporting cultural organizations in NYC

We’re excited to announce our first partnership with VIVO Ballet, led by award-winning European choreographer Enzo Celli. Link EUS and VIVO Ballet both seek to display European culture in the US and to foster performance art as a means of cultural integration. It is part of our mission to support outstanding artists such as Enzo Celli who bring European art to the US and promote cross-cultural dialogue.

Learn more about VIVO Ballet here

We want you on our team!

 We're looking for bright, involved individuals to join us on our mission to link Europe and the US more closely.