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Dutch Courses

Do you want to learn Dutch?

After starting a brand-new Dutch Language Program, we are excited to already offer a variety of course levels from beginner to intermediate. Starting every January, April, July and October, we will keep expanding our program so that you will always be able to continue with the next higher level. If you are interested in booking a course but missed our free trial class, please feel free to reach out to us and we can provide a recording of a sample class.

I'm looking for

Regular Dutch Classes

To our Dutch classes taught in Dutch/English at a "regular pace".

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Dutch for German speakers

To our classes for everyone speaking German at a slightly faster pace.

Regular Dutch Courses

American Time Zones
European Time Zones

Unsure what level will be the right fit?

Please send us an email to and we will be more than happy to help you find the right level for you.

Niederändisch für Deutschsprachige

Our Dutch Teachers


Gerald Goossens

Originally from the Flemish part of Belgium, Gerald grew up bi-lingual, Dutch and French. After earning a music degree with a minor in teaching from the University of Maastricht, he has lived and traveled in different countries. This triggered his interest in human and cultural diversity which is why he is now pursuing a degree in Anthropology in the USA. 

Maaike Duine

Maaike Duinen

Maaike is a Dutch native speaker and holds an MA in Linguistics from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She enjoys teaching, reading, writing and travelling, as well as biking through Berlin where she currently lives. At EUS, Maaike teaches all our Dutch courses for Germans. 


Ton Dirkx

Ton has written columns and articles for Dutch magazines for over 15 years and is now teaching Dutch to students of all levels. He enjoys giving busy professionals more confidence to attend meetings and to teach more basic Dutch to expats and travelers alike. 

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