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Online Language Courses

Experience the world without having to leave the house!

As language is the most immediate expression of culture, we offer language classes in 12 European languages. Whether you are planning a trip to Europe, have European friends or business partners, or simply want to learn more about European culture, speaking the language will help you tremendously. 

New courses start in all 12 languages every January, April, July and October!

You are interested but would like to test out a class before committing to a full course? Please have a look at our upcoming free trial classes!

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Why learning a language with EUS?

As a cultural center, we have a genuine interest in promoting all aspects of European culture, including languages. We are committed to provide our services with the best quality possible in a more affordable and accessible way than other institutions.


Practice Speaking

Our classes provide a safe space for you to practice speaking. Interacting with people will prepare you for real-world-conversations. 

Video Conference

Small Groups

With only 1 to 5 students per class, our groups are very small, so everyone gets a lot of one-on-one attention.


Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and hold a university degree in the field. Qualified teachers are key to an efficient learning process.

EUS offers a large variety of course options

We are a young organization and constantly try to improve and expand our program. Learning a language should never be prevented by formalities. We aim to design our program so that everyone will find a class tailored to his personal needs. If you still should not be to find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us as we are open to provide additional opportunities to find the ideal setup for everyone who wants to learn more about cultures and languages.


1. the intensity

- 10-week-course / one class per week

- 5-week-course / two classes per week

- 2-week-course / five classes per week 

C H O O S E ...

  1. between one, two or five classes per week

  2. the right level for you - beginner to advanced (A1 - C1)

  3. a private, group or corporate setting

  4. various class times and days

2. the level

We offer all levels from complete beginners to advanced learners (CEFR levels: A1 - C1). If you are unsure about the level, we will be happy to help you find the right fit.  

We offer both private and group classes. We also work with businesses and tailor our classes to their corporate needs. 

3. the setting

4. various class times and days

We offer class times suitable for European and American time zones. For American time zones, we offer lunchtime, weeknight and weekend classes. For European time zones, we offer weeknight and weekend classes. 

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