Learn. Discuss. Celebrate.

We provide courses and lectures about European culture, society and languages, organize fun events where people can celebrate together, and provide a safe space for people to exchange their views in open discussions. The program is a fiscally sponsored project by Brooklyn Arts Council. 

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Lectures & Discussions

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Social Events

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Language/ Accent Reduction

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Please note that we have suspended all our in-person-programming due to the covid-19-pandemic. 

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Listen. Share. Discuss.

In our lectures and discussion series, we are providing information about the past, create a discussion forum for current events, and issue an outlook for visions of Europe’s future. Experts are invited to hold lectures about various European-themed topics such as European architecture, history, literature, and many more. We further want to invite you to join us for our discussion forums to share your personal views and opinions. By providing a safe space for open discussions, we are promoting a constructive discussion style where people are responsive and accepting of other people’s opinions.

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Dive into European culture at our Link EUS events.

At our events, European culture is vividly brought to life. We organize festivities and traditions that are typically celebrated in Europe. Please come join us on a journey through European culture. Share, connect, make friends and have fun! 

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Because language is the road map of culture.

As language is the most immediate expression of culture, knowledge of a language is a major factor of understanding what a culture transmits. Thus, we provide foreign language courses and accent reduction classes from beginner level to advanced . 

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Building bridges through the arts.

Through dance classes and events, we foster performance art as a means of cultural integration and discussion. We support emerging and established artists who bring European art to the US and help us cultivate mutual cross-cultural understanding and respect. Join us at our classes and dance your heart out or experience dance as an art form at an event organized and/or supported by Link EUS.