Russian Courses

Do you want to learn Russian?

We are excited to now also include Russian classes in our language department. We currently offer courses for complete and advanced beginners in small group settings as well as private classes. We are committed to offer follow-up courses and plan to add further levels in the next terms. Our Russian classes are all accessible for both American and European time zones.

Winter Courses

Unsure what level will be the right fit?

Please send us an email to and we will be more than happy to help you find the right level for you.

Our Russian Teachers


Nataliya, born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, grew up bilingually speaking Ukrainian and Russian. She has been living in Maine for approximately 28 years where she has been a High Education teacher for 20 years and an Alternative Education teacher for 22 years. She is a very passionate teacher and loves to teach not only the Russian language but also the cultural aspects. 


Paul is a linguist and enthusiastic teacher, as well as a translator of Russian and editor, who has many years of teaching experience both privately and at universities and colleges. He holds a Master’s degree in both Russian Studies and Slavic Literatures and has lived, studied and worked in Moscow, Russia for many years. He has attended the prestigious Pushkin Institute of the Russian Language, Moscow State University and the Russian State University for the Humanities.

ANASTASIA PETROVA / Анастасия Петрова

Anastasia is a native Russian speaker, certified philologist and psychologist. She has five years of teaching experience and she has been teaching Russian for three years.