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German Courses

Do you want to learn German?

From complete beginners to advanced students, children and adults, private or group settings, regular or conversation courses, we offer a multifaceted German Language Program. Starting every January, April, July and October, we offer courses at different times, intensities, levels and special courses focusing on conversational or business language. 

American Time Zones

American Time Zones - Adults

Unsure which course will be the right fit?
Please send us an email to and we will be more than happy to help you find the right level for you.



Whether your child is growing up in a multicultural family or you would just like for your kid to learn a new skill - learning a language at a young age is a gift that your child will benefit from the entire life. 

As our children's teacher is currently on maternity leave, we will continue with the next German children's classes when she returns from her maternity leave.

Children's classes

Children's Classes

Our German Teachers


Anna Stepanyan

Originally from Armenia, Anna lived in Berlin, Germany, for ~9 years. She holds a M.A. in Foreign Language Linguistics and a M.A. in Applied Linguistics in the US. In addition to teaching German for 3-4 years to undergraduates, Anna is also experienced in teaching English as a Foreign Language and as a Second Language, as well as Russian. As a speaker of 5-6 languages herself, Anna will definitely help you with her language learning tips.


Theresa Jimmerson

Theresa is one of the Co-Founders and the Executive Director at EUS. She holds a master's degree in Economics from the University of Cologne, Germany. She is a German native speaker and worked as a freelance proofreader for theses, dissertations and academic papers. At EUS, she mainly teaches conversation courses for intermediate and advanced students.


Viktoriia Zykina

Originally from Ukraine, Viktoriia holds a bachelor's degree in German Languages, Literature and Linguistics and a Master's of Arts in Educational Teaching at NYU. After having taught German for six years and having learned several foreign languages herself, she understands the struggle and will help you through all of them.

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Saskia Mestraud

Saskia was born in Berlin and moved to the US to complete her Bachelors in Elementary Education and Psychology. Most recently, Saskia has taught the second grade. Before, Saskia was a teacher at the German School of Connecticut. She has started her Master's degree in TESOL and bilingual education and she teaches all EUS children's classes.

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